9 Feb 2015

Sketchbook I

9 Feb 2015
Hey there duckies,

We've finally moved this weekend, and I couldn't be more surprised at how much work there is still to do... Living among cardboard boxes isn't the most pleasant experience!

We don't have any Internet yet, so posts might be a bit sparse in the next couple of weeks! I'm currently blogging in our old apartment and it's FREEZING, I call that dedication!

As I didn't have time to do a proper blog post (once again) I thought I could show you some of my sketchbook pages I did for uni this semester. Tell me what you think!

Tell me if you wouldn't mind seeing more of my art on here, I've been holding back on posting about it since I was afraid it would be terribly boring. So opinions would be greatly appreciated, lovelies!

See you soon, hopefully!

Jill x


  1. Wow your art is absolutely wonderful, I wish I could draw and paint! sigh hahaha xx

  2. hey also! I nominated you for the liebster award - your beautiful blog deserves more recognition!
    there are some questions for you to answer too
    heres a link to my blog

    big love ! xx

  3. these are SERIOUSLY amazing!!!!! wow!!


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