7 Jun 2014

Drawing Old Naked Men

7 Jun 2014
Today I've spent most of my time looking at the tiny bits and pieces of long gone men (who probably never existed in the first place) - and I enjoyed it.

Well, to make it a bit less weird for everyone: I was at a collection of casts of (famous??) statues to draw something a bit more professional than my doctor who fanart for my portfolio.

 --> Warning! I might be a bit cranky today, but I'm trying to just write dumb stuff to clear some brain-space <--

First off: Thank you so much for the lovely comments you guys left me in the last couple of days! They made me so incredibly happy!!

So I've actually debated quite a lot whether I should even post something about this today, because what the hell is even a lifestyle blog and do things like that fit into one. The answer is: who cares. Let's just write whatever we want and if I want to write about my observations of dead and naked Greeks and Romans, then I should. There is nothing more interesting going on anyways.

I used to go to that place a lot some years ago, when I was still in school and had some more friends who were interested in the same stuff as me. So coming back was really nice, even though it reminded me of somewhat happier times. (Oh, but it's fine I went there with two friends I'm not that lonely :P)

So here are some of my observations of Romans and Greeks

  • They seemed to have the roundest butts to ever butt the world
  • Their hip bones could cut a diamond
  • Everyone had six packs and no one wore clothes EVER
  • Hairstyles haven't changed a lot in about 2000 years, though their's were undoubtedly more fabulous
  • They were all possessed by demons, which explains the blank stares and the lack of irises/pupils
  • Most of them must've gotten into horrible accidents, that ended in horrible amputations (seriously take better care of yourselves people)
  • I spent too much time with creepy naked statues today which explains this entire post
  • Don't Blink
In case you made it until here, I congratulate you, you should be very proud of yourself, go grab a cookie or something.

Here's by the way the picture I drew, in case you were interested: (meh)

Some questions for you:
Would you want one of those people as a best friend, because I certainly would?
What's YOUR weirdest hobby?

oh and i am dreading tomorrow because i have to get to know some parents and a child that i might be babysitting for and i'm so bad at these things (not at baby sitting ofc) and i know i'm worrying over nothing and i have to go to sleep but i wish i didn't always have this idiotic (social) anxiety BECAUSE HONESTLY WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL
i promise to try and make a nicer post one of theses days :3

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