29 Jun 2015

A New Chapter

29 Jun 2015

Hello duckies! How are you?

I'm all for making new "New Year's" resolutions all year round, since (if we're being honest) we'e not the best at seeing them through. So here I am, in late june, deciding to get back into blogging. I'm thinking Friday's? Sound good?

"But Jill, you've been gone for so long, what can I even still expect from this blog?"

Well, strange little voice in my head, here are some of my plans for now:
  • fashion
  • recipes
  • my art and music
  • parts of my life
  • issues that interest me/ are important to me
  • various how-to's
  • and much, much more

"Ummm... Jill? Aren't you completely stressed out right now because of uni?"

Oh you, my schizophrenic little self! Yes, but only the next two weeks and after that I'll have lots of time, so you can expect some fancier posts!

See you Friday, everyone!

Love, Jill

27 Jun 2015

I Am Hopeless

27 Jun 2015

Hey there, dear friends!

My last post was in February. In short: I am hopeless. When it comes to seeing things through, that is. And I love blogging, I really do, it's just... Oh well, here have some explanations and updates, if there still is the slightest chance you haven't forgotten about me:

1. I moved in February. Woah, that was much work and we didn't have any wifi for about two months, so posting was hard to manage.
2. I promised to post every Friday. And as usual my brain decided to do the exact opposite.
3. I have too many accounts on the internet, and I can't keep up with all of them. Making a youtube video every two weeks, posting art and edits on tumblr and instagram, recording music for soundcloud and bandcamp. It just got a bit too much for me.
4. Uni. That old thing.
5. My mental state never has been the most steady thing in existence, so i get those little (or large) hic-ups and then I'm unable to do anyhting.

That said, I feel like I am in a good place currently. I have a lot to do, but I think I can manage it. And I'd love to return to the blogger community, if you're still willing to have me!

In my next post I'll talk about what you can expect from this blog now. It's not completely different than what I usually post, don't worry. My opinion just changed a bit. But that's for the next time :)

Love you muchly,

9 Feb 2015

Sketchbook I

9 Feb 2015
Hey there duckies,

We've finally moved this weekend, and I couldn't be more surprised at how much work there is still to do... Living among cardboard boxes isn't the most pleasant experience!

We don't have any Internet yet, so posts might be a bit sparse in the next couple of weeks! I'm currently blogging in our old apartment and it's FREEZING, I call that dedication!

As I didn't have time to do a proper blog post (once again) I thought I could show you some of my sketchbook pages I did for uni this semester. Tell me what you think!

Tell me if you wouldn't mind seeing more of my art on here, I've been holding back on posting about it since I was afraid it would be terribly boring. So opinions would be greatly appreciated, lovelies!

See you soon, hopefully!

Jill x

1 Feb 2015

Seeing Stars Live

1 Feb 2015

Hey there everyone!

I'm currently in the process of moving, it's exam-time at uni and I was comitioned to do an animation-film for an organisation I sometimes work for - I feel like there's always more I could and should do. So I apologize for the lack of a post on friday and the shortness of this one. Bare with me, I hope I can return to more exciting topics soon!

Last Friday, the 23rd of January, I had the opportunity to go and see Stars play live at Strom here in Munich. And boy, where they fantastic! Stars are a Canadian Indie-Pop band, that has been around for over a decade. I had a few of their songs on my Ipod, but it wasn't until one of my friends from uni asked me if I wanted to go, that I really started listening to their music. It's incredibly refreshing, smart and in parts even funny - what's not to like about it?

The energy they brought to the stage was insane and I really recommend anyone to go and see them! They're touring Canada in February and coming to the US in March, so heads up, if you live there!

Do you like going to concerts? Are you more of a listen in your room type of person? I'd love to know!

Have a fantastic week!

Jill x

23 Jan 2015

Light & Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

23 Jan 2015

Hey there, lovelies! How are you?

I always forget how much fun smoothies are during the winter, so i think it's time to bring these back - even though it's still far from summer!

So here are 2 simple, very light smoothie recipes, that will easily keep you full until the next meal. Plus, they're incredibly tasty!


  •  1 frozen Banana
  • half a cup of low-fat yoghurt
  • half a cup of low-fat milk
  • half a cup of oatmeal
  • honey
  • cinammon
(of course you can exchange the milk and yoghurt for whatever products you usually use, I think it would taste great with almond milk! Same goes for the honey.)

Well I don't really have to tell you how to make a smoothie, do I? Just remember to cut your Banana into pieces before you freeze it, that makes the blending easier.

To make it taste more fresh I often add a few mint leaves to the mixture, but you can try out whatever you want!

Banana- Raspberry


  • 1 Banana
  • 1 cup of frozen raspberries
  • half a cup ofl ow-fat milk
  • half a cup of water
  • honey

I like to mix water and milk here, just to make it lighter, it also gives it an amazingly soft texture!
Also, I'd recommend fresh raspberries, but in the middle of winter it's a bit hard to find them.

Little Tip: If you want to keep your smoothie cool for a longer time, just add some frozen raspberries, they act like ice cubes and are delicious in the smoothie!

What's your favourite smoothie, that you would recommend me?

See you soon, have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Jill x
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