29 Jun 2015

A New Chapter

29 Jun 2015

Hello duckies! How are you?

I'm all for making new "New Year's" resolutions all year round, since (if we're being honest) we'e not the best at seeing them through. So here I am, in late june, deciding to get back into blogging. I'm thinking Friday's? Sound good?

"But Jill, you've been gone for so long, what can I even still expect from this blog?"

Well, strange little voice in my head, here are some of my plans for now:
  • fashion
  • recipes
  • my art and music
  • parts of my life
  • issues that interest me/ are important to me
  • various how-to's
  • and much, much more

"Ummm... Jill? Aren't you completely stressed out right now because of uni?"

Oh you, my schizophrenic little self! Yes, but only the next two weeks and after that I'll have lots of time, so you can expect some fancier posts!

See you Friday, everyone!

Love, Jill

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