1 Jan 2014

The Beginning

1 Jan 2014
Hello lovelies, my name is Jill.

Okay, this is completely new for me so bare with me!
While you don't really have to have any reasons to start a blog, I do have some:

  • i have an exceptionally bad memory, and the only way for me to remember is to write things down
  • i used to be able to write freely and without any concerns, i lost that ability and am trying to regain it
  • i love to hear stories and share stories and even if no one reads them i think it's a wonderful way to keep them all in one place
  • i have too many thoughts and i don't really want to bother my friends with all of them
  • and lastly: i am currently in a strange place in my life and i hope keeping a blog and getting to talk to like-minded people will help me to get out of it!
That said, hi, I am 19 years old, i live in germany, but my parents are from israel. I can be very cheesy at times, or very ridiculous. I tend to overthink. I do lots of arts and lots of internets.

This is getting out of hand and i am very bad at introductions, so basically:
This is a place for me to talk about things i'm passionate about.
You are welcome to be my friend.
If you need someone to listen to, or just want to tell me a story, i am ALWAYS here for you.

Let's see how this goes!


(also here have a dumb selfie, so that you actually know what i look like)

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