2 Jun 2014

Whoopsie / Summer Is Coming / Superheroes Wrecked My Life

2 Jun 2014
Well I made a blog and I was really excited and then I totally forgot about it...
Anyways I'll just try and be free with what I write here, I always try to please everyone and show myself in a much better light than what I really am so fudge all of that! it's not like anyone is reading this anyway, jill, shush
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So summer is on its way and I am really dreading it and looking forward to it at the same time:
On the one hand I don't go well with heat and sun (I melt and turn red so...) but on the other hand you can stay outside all night and not freeze and have lots of fun with your friends.
I especially love the moments where we all sit together at 3 am somewhere and just talk and play guitar. (Or have a dinner on the balcony) So yep... I don't know which side wins in the end :3

I've been on a really crazy superhero movies/shows trip lately, starting with me finally watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier and then it took a turn for the worse... Let's just say I've gulped down several seasons of Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (not that that there are THAT many yet) and i've been browsing data bases and blogs for the comic book connections and i've basically wasted whole days on that. Yay. I mean i could've worked on applying for unis instead but who cares about their future when fictional characters have to save the world? if you are going to do something to my Fitz, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, i'm coming for you personally!!

Well I'll be off then, see you very soon hopefully! <3


  1. oh Jill, I know exactly what you mean!! I'm sad I haven't seen any commentaries yet. like you said you'll go on writing and posting your thoughts and adventures, but people that share your thinking just make this whole thing -- well.. whole! please keep going, lovely

    1. You're the lovely one! Honestly I've had a very bad day, but now I just feel all warm inside because of your comment! So thank you so much for that! I'll definitely go on doing my thing, it's just so much fun! Have a fantastic day/night, my dear!! <3


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