3 Aug 2014

What's In My Bag | Summer Edition

3 Aug 2014
August is finally upon us, which means lazy days in the sun and adventures with friends. I especially love the evenings! Sitting with my buddies next to the Isar, the river going through Munich, or in a park, having a cold beer and chatting or playing guitar is just wonderful!

And to show you how I last throughout a longer day outside, here I am to share with you what's in my bag in the summer time:

  1.  A little book. I'm usually carrying one around wherever I go. It's so useful for a long train journey or if you're just sitting there and waiting for a friend - let's be honest they're always late!
  2. A Notebook & a pen. I'm always jotting down ideas, whether for blog posts, youtube videos, songs or just little sketches, a notebook is an absolute necessity!
  3. My purse. Where I keep all of my cards and money and the one or the other random photo.
  4. A hair band & some pins. In case it gets too hot even for my short hair.
  5. A mirror. This little thing is so useful! It's a mirror and a hair brush in one, and it's so small and light, perfect for the occasion where you want to check on your smudged eye liner or just get your hair into a better shape.
  6. A solid perfume. I got this little thing from my aunt a few years back and it's just the cutest little thing. It's Cherry Blossom from L'Occitane (lovely smell!) and while I'm almost never putting it on, it's always beside me - just in case, you know?
  7. A fan. I really don't go well with heat, so sometimes a fan is unavoidable for me. It is very cute, and while it might look a bit stupid to flutter this thing in front of your face, it's pure bliss on a very hot day!
  8. My phone & some ear buds. Duh.
  9. Various lip products & chewing gum. I always carry lip balm and one or the other lipstick & -gloss around, in case I need it. Same goes for some chewing gum.
  10. Some Sunnies. Instant coolness level achieved and obviously they're incredibly useful!
  11. I usually pack a bottle of water as well, I just forgot it on the picture, whoopsie...
So that's what I always carry around with me, what's the item you couldn't go without in the summer?
Hope you all had a lovely July, see you soon,



  1. Cool stuff in your bag!!
    haha I couldn't imagine mine... it will be so damn messy with plenties of junks.

    1. oh i totally feel you, my bag is always a huge mess!! thank you, dear! <3

  2. Hello darling! I have nominated you in my Liebster award post! I hope that's okay with you! I love your blog and I am super excited to hear your answers :)

    Andie xo

  3. Hello! i have nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog! :) I love your blog and look forward to hearing your answers if you get round to it! :) xo


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