7 Sep 2014

August Favourites | Bands, Hair Dye & More!

7 Sep 2014
I'm so excited to share my first monthly favourites ever with you! Well, yes I'm a tad bit late, since it's already well into September, but I guess we all know by now, that I never do anything on time... Any tips on becoming more organised?

I'm going to out myself as a complete nerd in this one, but that's a not very well kept secret anyway, with me having a pretty huge following (at least for my standards, it's so much more than I could ever grasp! By the way, did you see my 10k followers thank you Q&A?) over on my fandom tumblr.
Weirdly, I've struggled a bit with posting geeky things on here, but what is a lifestyle blog if not a place where you can share every aspect of your life? So without too much more rambling (I seem to do that quite a lot), here are my August favourites!

Beauty & Fashion

I always have a few items out of my jewelry collection that I'm obsessed with for some time, until I re-discover the next items. So these were the ones I loved most of August. Funny, how all of them resemble/are flowers...

Directions Tulip & P2 Couture Lip Polish & Stain 050 Ultimate Shooting | I'm really not one for quality/expensive make-up & beauty products, so this one is really cheap. But what I loved about it, is how it basically has the same colour as my hair currently and... yep I'm that lame.

Swallow Tailed | I mentioned them in my last blog post already, but let's just talk about them again. Basically, there was this free festival here in Munich with lots of amazing acts to see and I fell in love with almost every act I saw (And I saw MANY, free live music? I'm game!) And Swallow Tailed where just one of the few that really stood out to me, so of course I had to get the Ep + the tote bag. Of course... They're a lovely, young local band and their music style is so light and happy. Here's an acoustic version of one of their songs 'Gold'. Little Trivia fact: It's filmed on the ground where the Oktoberfest usually takes place. :3

Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer | Okay so I read this as an E-book in English, but it's much nicer to have actual pictures of a book, so this is the hebrew version my parents own.
I really loved the book. To be honest, it has been a long time since I read a book that fast and was so deeply taken by it's subject and writing. I'm not going to post a full review here, obviously, but if anyone wants me to write one, I can do that in the future. If you've seen the movie, I would really recommend to check out the book as well, as it contains so much more!

Doctor Who Series 8 | Umm... yeah so that's my Doctor Who DVD collection. I was so terribly excited about season 8 and up til now it hasn't disappointed me yet. Plus I've been re-watching a lot of older episodes with several friends, there's really nothing better than sharing something you love with people you love, even if it is a weird 50 year-old sci-fi show.

The Last Of Us Remastered | I'm not too much of a gamer, though I love gaming. So when my brother borrowed a PS4 plus several games from his friend, it was a nice surprise. I think that everyone must have at least heard of The Last Of Us by now, so I'm not going too much into depth on this one, just that it's really as unique and brilliant as I've heard. Plus, sitting alone in a room when it's dark outside and playing this is sure to give you nightmares...

And lastly milk-substitutes. Wow, how exciting. No, but really I've been trying out lots of different milk substitutes, such as the two pictured above (Soy and Oats, Oats is by far my fave). And I feel lighter, my skin has gotten much better and also less calories - yay. So that's definitely a recommendation!

Well, now we know how lame I actually am, but that's okay! :3
What did you love in August?

See you soon,

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