3 Sep 2014

Collective August Fashion Haul

3 Sep 2014
Well I haven't posted in quite some time again, as you might have noticed! I am terribly sorry, especially since I'm beginning to really love the blogging community here and all the lovely people I've been starting to talk to!

I think part of that is due to me having SO MANY different blogs overall, that it really gets too much for me to keep up with everything sometimes. Anyways, I'm not complaining at all! I love doing everything I do, I just have to get better at organising.

Very sorry for rambling, let's get on with the actual post!

So August was very rainy and cold here, which might explain, why the haul is a mixture between summery and wintery stuff. Also I'm quite broke at the moment (oh the tragedy!) so I'm mostly buying from sales or flea markets. But to be honest, I think it's best that way!


Vero Moda 3 for 20€

Flea Market (but originally from Zara) 5 €


My friend gave this to me so I don't know what this costs. But it's the cutest flower crown I've ever seen, I love it so much!!

Flea Market 3 €

Swallow Tailed Tote Bag 3 €
I absolutely love tote bags so I couldn't pass up on this one. This month there was a summer festival in Munich, where you could go and listen to tons of bands for FREE and Swallow Tailed were just one of the best of them!

Thank you so much for reading (and not giving up on me yet!). I have a lot of posts planned already so there will definitely be some more coming soon.

Well now I have to catch up with the 300+ posts I've missed,



  1. Hey Dear!!!

    Yeah I was visiting a few times and did not see new post up!
    Anyways I love tote bags too!!! Just could not help but keep on collecting more! <3 And great loots you had gotten there!

    1. You're so lovely! Thank you so much, and yeah you really get addicted to tote bags for whatever strange reason! xx


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