29 Sep 2014

How To Be A Happy Blogger

29 Sep 2014

Hello my lovelies,

I'm currently at a bit of a blogging crisis here, so if you'd be so kind to listen to me, you'd make my day!
I've been doing this blogging thing for some months now, but I don't consider myself a blogger or anything of the sort, sadly. It all started with tumblr for me, where I gained an incredible amount of followers within 2 years and gave me the courage to be myself, at least much more so than in the past. It also opened my way to youtube and lastly to this little blog here.

In the past couple of months I haven't really been active on all of those sites and that is definitely my own fault. So here are some points, with which I hope to better myself at what I do and create better and more enjoyable content. Who knows, maybe they'll be helpful to you, too?
  1. Don't compare yourself too much to other bloggers. It's good to get some inspiration, but don't think you're worse, because you don't post the same content as them.
  2. Create content you are proud of and would want to read yourself. Take photos you think are pretty, showcase your editing skills, show personality, write about whatever you want, but don't create bad content only because you want to post something.
  3. Don't try to fit yourself into a specific genre. You're a multilayered human being and that's what your blog can be, too. Too many guidelines and rules lead to a creative block.
  4. Get in touch with the blogging community. One of the most enjoyable things is to interact with other bloggers, so comment, comment, comment!
  5. But remember, your blog is YOUR blog. Only you decide what to post and when to post, it's your personal space, so have courage to make the posts you really want to make!
 Do you agree with my points? What makes a happy blogging experience in your opinion?
I'd love to know!

See you soon and hopefully much less stressed about blogging,



  1. I'm currently in a bloggers crisis too! Love the points you made x

    1. We can cry together then :D hope we'll find a way out soon!!


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