4 Oct 2014

Easiest Home-Made Hummus Ever & Eggplant Sandwich

4 Oct 2014
Hummus has always been something I've associated with the country my parents are from: Israel. Only in recent years I've seen it pop up everywhere and so it was finally time to have a go at it myself.

I'm not going to lie: my hummus tastes nothin like store-bought hummus, but it's delicious in it's own way and that's what counts, right?


for the hummus
  • 500g chickpeas (either canned or not, we'll get to that later)
  •  1 1/2 lemons
  • olive oil
  • rosemary & basil (they grow on my balcony, but just take anything you think will taste good)
  • salt & pepper
for the sandwich
  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 tomato
  •  toast
  • salad
  • salt
 Just remember there are no rules! Add any herbs you want, throw in some paprika or a whole bunch of lemons, whatever tastes best for you!

 If you got canned chickpeas you can skip this step. Personally I prefer the dry ones, since they're cheaper (and where I live chickpeas can get quite expensive).

If you're lucky there are instructions on the package, but if not, then here I am to help out. It's quite a long process though, so if you plan to eat hummus for dinner, it's best to just start with the first step in the morning, before you head out.

1. Take as many chickpeas as you like and put them in cold water for about 8 hrs. The ratio should be 3 cups of water for every cup of chickpeas.

2. Once they've soaked up most of the water, let them cook for 2-3 hrs on low temperatur until they're smooth.

3. I didn't have a hand-held blender and I really recommend getting one for this, but I had to opt for the normal blender... And don't fill it as much as in the picture, you won't get any results that way, whoops. Blend it up and add olive oil if you feel it's getting stuck to often.
I wasn't very patient so I didn't really get it smooth, but tell me if you managed to!

4. Add the rest of your ingredients and voilá: Hummus!

 Now let's go to the Sandwich part, which I kindly borrowed from one of my friends, who's an absolute genius at cooking!

1. Cut up your eggplant into thin slices and sprinkle salt all over it to get rid of the bitterness.

 2. Roast them in a pan.

3. Cut up the tomato and the salad and put all of that on a toast. Well done, you!

This meal is both healthy and SO tasty, I really recommend you try it out, tell me if you do!

What's your favourite healthy meal? I'm always collecting new recipes <3

See you soon,

Jill x


  1. I might try this tomorrow - yesterday my brother and I had an avocado and boiled egg wrap with mayonnaise, mustard, and fenugreek powder :)

  2. Omg this looks amazing. I love humous from scratch plus im vegetarian so this seems like the perfect snack! thanks for sharing x


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