3 Dec 2014

Letters To December - A Video Project

3 Dec 2014

Hello lovelies!

I think we can all agree, that when it comes to consistant blogging I might be one of the worst bloggers on this planet and I apologize for that!

Uni started (I'm going to talk more about that soon) and I just lost track of everything Internet-related and I only now am getting back into the swing of things. That said, I'm trying to keep a blogging schedule in the new year (Also going to talk more about that soon).


If you're not following me on tumblr or on youtube, you've probably missed the project that I'm doing in December, which is called "Letters To December". It is a wonderful way to just form some thoughts into words and pictures and be a bit creative every day.

It can also be a collaborative project and I've already talked to some people on tumblr and youtube who'd like to participate. If you think this would be something that you'd like to do, just comment or message me and I'll talk to you a bit about the details. You don't have to have a youtube channel or any prior knowledge of video-making. It doesn't have to be perfect, which is what I like about it so much!

I kindly borrowed the idea from one of my favourite youtubers Emily Diana Ruth, you should check her out!

I just wanted to keep you a tiny bit updated with what's going on, I'll hopefully be back with more frequent blog posts soon!

Hope you're heaving a great December,

Jill x

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