8 Jan 2015

Some Updates and a Happy New Year

8 Jan 2015

Hey there friends!

Firstly, I wish you all a wonderful new year. May 2015 be all that you expect from it and more!
On that note, don't stress yourself too much if things aren't going your way, my year started on a little low, but I'm optimistic it'll get better and so can yours!

Let's get to the updates:
I want to try and upload at least once a week this year, if not more. I think my scheduled posts will be uploaded fridays, with the one or other post on random other days.

Since I haven't been properly blogging in a while and you might be confused as to what actually my blog consists of, here are the topics I currently want to blog about: Travel, Art & Photography, Student Life, Fashion, Baking and other Recipes, Thoughts on Life and the Universe, Music, Daily Adventures and probably still more... I don't want to make the list too long.

Also on my Art Tumblr I've started to post photos every single day.
And I'm trying to upload a video to youtube every 2 weeks.

But I have uni and work and social life (haha) so I hope I can manage everything!
What about you? Do you have any new year's resolutions? Are you optimistic about 2015? Do you have something to look forward to? I'd love to know!

Hope you're doing well,
Jill x

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