18 Jan 2015

This Week's Photography

18 Jan 2015
Hello duckies!

As I've told you, I've started posting pictures to my photography tumblr almost every single day.  Over the years I've accumulated so many photos and at one point I stopped sharing them, so I thought I could start uploading them slowly. Some of the pictures are even from 2012!

I'm probably not going to make a post like this every week, I don't really want to spam you guys. But every now and then I think it could be nice! What do you think?

 If you've read my recent post about visiting Israel you might've recognized some of these pictures. I took these on a trip we took to the North, the goats just decided to cross the road, so we had to wait a bit and I got to take lots of photos!

 I took this picture on my flight back from Israel a year ago. It was an amazing sunrise. I think there's something so calming about this picture.

On my birthday last year I hadn't planned anything throughout the day and I was a bit sad, and suddenly my father called and took me to a restaurant and a cafe and a pretty walk through Munich, where I took these pictures. I honestly think this was one of the loveliest ways I could've spent my birthday!

 Both of these pictures were taken in Italy, I think itwas August 2013. The first one was in a lovely city called Mantova. I just love the imagery of the canal and the vintage-y motorcycles, so pretty! I took the second one while we were picking wild berries, honestly I might have a slight obsession with taking pictures of hands...

Tell me if you'd like to see more!
Oh and I'm moving soon and I'll have a white wall, so there will be lots more outfit posts coming soon, I'm so looking forward to it!!

Jill x


  1. All these tumblr photos of yours are just so beautiful!!! LOVE IT


  2. Thank you so much, dear!! <3 Means a lot!!

  3. beautiful pics! so captivating!
    following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy


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