9 Jan 2015

Trip To Israel 2014

9 Jan 2015

Hello my duckies,

As you may or may not know my entire family comes from Israel, so it's become kind of a tradition for my germany-based family to visit there every year around New Year's. This year was no exception and I thought I could share my little adventures with you, so keep on reading if you're interested!

Most of my family lives in or around Tel Aviv, a city that might seem chaotic and a tiny bit ugly to new eyes, but which in reality is full of heart and culture and really is quite pretty in a run-down, trash-chique-y kinda way. Also the ocean is pretty no matter the city! it rhymes

I see my family so rarely, which means getting to spend time with them is always extremely important to me. Oh, and some of them own cats, which just makes this a thousand times more exciting...
 While in Israel I always like travelling around the country. It is so incredibly small and yet so diverse. For example the Negev desert - prettiest place on earth. We took a tiny little hike to a canyon, incredibly beautiful!

Look at the capricorns just casually crossing the road - and yes that black line going up the mountain is all people, we clearly didn't pick the right day to enjoy the serenity and solitude of the mountains...

While the desert is in the Middle/South of Israel, the greener parts are in the North. It's also a very agricultural and rural part, where you can expect a herd of goats to cross the road at any time. Goats are so awesome.

We visited a little village called Bethlehem Galilee (not 'the' bethlehem, though some claim this bethlehem might actually have been jesus' birth place), which was very serene except for the very angry dogs. Went to several druze villages and ate pita with labneh, a sour cheese that i adore. And ended up in Haifa, where my father is from and Christmas was celebrated with lots of shiny lights.

I know this was kinda short, but I didn't want to bore you with too many explanations.
If you like these kind of posts or if you'd prefer me doing it differently next time, I'd really love to know!

See you very soon, Cheers!

Jill x

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