25 Jul 2014

10 Favourite Free Fonts

25 Jul 2014

I've spent a large portion of today going through websites of free fonts. (Sadly, this is one of my favourite activities :3) If you have a blog you've most likely stumbled upon the one graphic to make or another. The fonts which are already on the computer don't really work for me most of the time, so here are some of the free fonts I ADORE to share with you!

(Most of them are even free for commercial use, just check with the license)

And that's it! I have a lot of other fonts to share, so tell me if you would like another post like this!

Love you all, Jill


  1. Very inspiring for a graphic designer!
    It's a useful post for me! thanks! :))

    1. So glad you liked it, I can make more similar posts in the future, if you want! <3

    2. Will be keeping a lookout for your post :D


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