2 Jul 2014

Movies I've Seen In June (What An Interesting Title)

2 Jul 2014
So yep, basically what the title says.

I'm an avid movie lover. I'll watch anything that I can get my hands on. This year only, I've seen 65 movies, which is too much but still not enough.

Though what sense does watching movies actually make, if you don't think a bit about them afterwards entertainment, jill, that's the whole reason there are even movies oh what a perfect coincidence that I have this blog. So let's begin (they're in the order i watched them, i tried to keep it very spoiler light!)

Liberal Arts (2012)
Why: I mean Josh Radnor wrote, directed and starred in this movie. Also Josh Radnor with a little scruff.
What: A 30-something year old man is having a midlife crisis, acts like a 3-year old, falls in love with a teenager, confuses several college students around him and meets zac efron in a wool cap.
How: Very nice cinematography, lots of heart and I honestly think Josh Radnor has found his post-HIMYM calling. I mean it's a bit wonky at bits, but it's very easy to relate to the characters. It's grounded and has a logical ending and my IMDB rating was 8/10 (though i am very generous with my ratings).
Recommend? Yes! It's not life-changing or anything, but it's cute and it has zac efron in a wool cap okay

The Right Kind Of Wrong (2013)
Why: The trailer actually convinced me, it looked like a rom-com with an interesting twist.
What: Leo is a very talented dishwasher. His ex-wife is not very nice. I mean she wrote a blog about everything she hates about him, became successful and is now filthy-rich. Also the entirety of earth now hates him too. So naturally Leo falls in love with another woman - at her wedding. And since Leo apparently has the self-confidence of a man who's friends think him throwing and catching plates in a very artful way is the absolute shit, he's going to go after her and win her over. What a shame that everyone hates him.
How: A bit stupid, but ultimately very cute. Also not your usual rom-com. Also pretty cinematography which is always good! IMDB 7/10
Recommend? Yes! If you're looking for something not very thought-provoking and tbh the main couple is pretty adorable.

We're The Millers (2013)
Why: Sometimes you just have to watch a movie that you know will be stupid and will make you think about absolutely nothing important for like 110 min - damn this movie is long for a stupid movie
What: David Clark is a drug dealer, though it really seems like he's so bad at his job, it hurts. He gets into trouble and to stop his boss from feeding him to his pet killer whale he has to smuggle loads of weed from Mexico back to the US. To make him seem less suspicious he hires 3 random but oh so broken people that are all somehow around his apartment building to play his family and together they bond over this wonderful experience. That's what I always say: Nothing brings people more together than illegally smuggling weed and getting chased by mafia bosses!
How: Nick Offerman saves every movie he's in. It's mind-numbingly enjoyable in a way but there really isn't much more to say about it.
Recommend? Umm.. yeah sure... i guess??

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
What: In which Wes Anderson casts every actor to ever act, a concierge and a lobby boy of a very renowned hotel get into lots of trouble, and no camera is ever held by hand. (Best. Summary. Ever.)
How: I LOVE YOU WES ANDERSON PLS NEVER STOP MAKING MOVIES. No honestly, he's my absolute favourite director, I love his films to the core. And while this one maybe didn't have the depth of character some of his other movies have, I think it's one of the most detailed, beautiful and planned out movies to ever exist. Every shot, every set, every weird new character is so well thought out and gorgeous and I just want to live in a Was Anderson movie, minus the stabbing and killing of course.
Recommend? Oh hell yes! Though if you think We're The Millers is a great movie, then maybe not.

In A World... (2013)
Why: A movie about a woman who wants to do voice-overs for trailers? I'm game!
What: What I said up there basically.
How: The Movie starts out really well but gets gradually worse and more clich├ęd. The father is a complete piece of shitake mushroom, so much that I honestly can't buy into his character. Cinematography was nice, but honestly I was a bit disappointed.
Recommend? I mean it's really not THAT bad, but I just expected more. So you decide!

A.C.O.D. (2013)
Why: I might have a crush on Adam Scott... I might...
What: Carter's parents are divorced and haven't spoken to eachother in an eternity, when he finds out that the psychologist he went to as a kid wasn't a psychologist at all, but just some random lady making a study about children of divorce. So he decides to take life into his own two (very very beautiful, i love you adam scott) hands and on the way (spoilers!) he gets his parents to do the naughty again, smooches jessica alba and has lots of bitch-fights with his step-mom (and wife on parks and recreation, i am so confused help).
How: While the movie has the most unfortunate title to ever grace the industry (okay maybe sharknado wasn't too good as well), the movie is actually very enjoyable, light and in parts very funny. And just so you know: Adult Children Of Divorce - did no one tell them that this title just doesn't make you want to see the movie? adam scott does
Recommend? Yes. But like, don't expect too much :3

Skyfall (2012)
Why: It's James Bond... duh
What: Honestly the plot is so long and confusing, but basically, M is in danger, Bond should have enough reason to be like 'excuuuuuuse me, bitch, but I kinda could've died beause of you within the first 10 minutes of the movie, i'm outta here', but he helps anyways, good for him!
How: Okay, it's almost embarassing how long it took me to watch that movie, but I can honestly say I've never enjoyed myself more during a Bond movie! I love how Bond is becoming more flawed and more human and this seemed like his lowest point yet. Plus pretty pictures, awesome villains and, yes Daniel Craig, you've still got it!
Recommend? Yes, because FUN FUN FUN

Garden State (2004)
Why: The people I was babysitting at had this movie, that I never knew existed before and I just saw Zach Braff and my eyes turned into huge cartoon hearts.
What: Andrew Largeman's mother died and so he goes back to his home town, that he hasn't been in since he was 9 or so. During his stay he works out lots of stuff, meets Natalie Portman (how the hell did you get nat portman back than, zachy?), and finally learns to feel again, which is just ugh - i love it.
How: Okay I think this was the first movie Zach Braff, wrote directed and starred in and ohmygod it is SO GOOD. I could relate to everything so well. It just really spoke to me on a level, that not many movies do. It was funny and cute and beautiful and so well acted. And the script was fantastic! It's definitely going on my 'favourite movies list'.
Recommend? Oh yes, definitely. Please watch it! (So glad I babysat hehe)


  1. i really like your reviews on the movies and I'm definitely going to watch some of them :)

    1. So happy you like them, they're quite stupid xD


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