14 Jul 2014

Music Monday I

14 Jul 2014
Music is a huge part of my life, I listen to it daily, I write it, I record it. And since I always love recommendations, I thought why not start this little segment, where I share the music I've loved recently with you and you can tell me of the music you've loved recently, deal?

1. Joshua Radin - The Greenest Grass
I've been a fan of his for years, but I don't really keep up to date with his new songs. But do you know the feeling when you hear the first sentence of a song and you just know you'll love it? This was definitely the case and it made me once again think: "I wish I lived inside a Joshua Radin song!"

2. Boy - Skin
Boy is a Swiss/German duo that I absolutely adore. Recently I got my hands on their CD 'Mutual Friends' and though I've known this song for quite a while, I've been listening to it non-stop.

3. Anna Ternheim - Halfway To Fivepoints
When I was younger my parents used to listen to her a lot and I had totally forgotten about her until I saw the CDs lying around in our living room. Her songs are amazing and I feel like she's singing what I'm thinking and how often do you find that? I bet I'll have lots of her songs on these lists, just be warned...

4.Crystal Fighters - Follow
I think Crystal Fighters are geniuses. They mix so many genres together and I love how weird their videos are. Follow is not something I usually listen to, but I love it! Does anyone know of similar bands?

5. Tiny - Closer
I've heard this song on Welcome To Nightvale (a podcast) some time ago and it was so strange and unusual that I had to get it. There are weeks where I absolutely can't here it and then there are weeks where I listen to it on repeat - don't know why...

So what music do you love currently?
I'm actually looking for really new genres to explore, so if you have any suggestions, gimme :3

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