18 Jul 2014

Little Moments

18 Jul 2014
Life has been very busy lately and I barely have the time to do a "proper" blog post, so here are some photos of how my life has been (though I've somehow managed to take pictures of the boring stuff and leave the more interesting stuff to memory alone...). Let me know if you like these sort of posts, so that I know if I should make more of them :3

  1.  I live in a very old house with lots of mosaic windows, I particularly love how the morning sun is shining throught the entrance door.
  2. I love to take walks without any direction and ending up in places I've never been before
  3.  Click on it to enlarge BECAUSE THERE IS A RAIBOW WOAH
  4. I've been babysitting this little munchkin a lot, he's so cute! (not showing his face though for obvious reasons :3)
  5. COCKTAIL PARTY (we were only 4 people and that was the first serving whoopsie)
  6. well... FAST FOOD PARTY, I live a healthy lifestyle, I do...
  7. watching Germany play (and win) football is something I don't really care much about, but my friends do, so yay

Well this reminds me that I should be more active on Instagram, I have these little spurs of excitement where I post a couple of pictures a day and then nothing for whole weeks. Definitely should be a little more consistent, as I really do enjoy it! Anyways, if you're interested here is my Instagram.

What have you been up to? Any exciting plans for the weekend?

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