2 Jul 2014

Daydreaming - A Fashion Post

2 Jul 2014


I am so incredibly unphotogenic it really hurts me physically sometimes, but oh I already went outside to take those pictures, so I might as well post them.
I love my jacket/kimono, I stole it from my mom and even though it was a disgustingly hot day it doesn't feel like an extra layer at all and it covers up all the wonderful zones! My little dream-catcher necklace is one of my favourites recently, it just makes a lot of noise when the little metal feathers clink together, but at least my friends know where to find me at all times then. I always over-accessorize, though I think with jewellry the saying is "more is more", so pssh.

So what did you think of the look?

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  1. I really like your bracelets and rings :) I actually have a question about that - what camera do you use? Your photos have a really nice tint to them!

    1. Thank you, love!! I use the Nikon D3100 (though there are like 2 newer models of it on the market by now) and I edit them with photoshop, it's not the natural tint, sadly!

    2. Ooh that looks like a good camera! (I'll put it on my wish list)


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