25 Jun 2014

Help The Little Blogger (A Network)

25 Jun 2014
I mean, yes we're all doing this for ourselves, to have some output, to collect, to practice, but it's still nice to actually have somone who reads our posts and talks to us and has discussions about pancakes and unicorns and world peace.

I've honestly never seen any online platform, where it is harder to find the little ones. Well, okay, I might not entirely get this website yet, maybe I've missed a feature or something. But I'd personally love to follow more blogs on here. I'd love to get ideas and collaborate and start a little family, get a dog, have some kids, maybe we can even have a lakehouse with a view when we're old, wouldn't that be lovely, darling?

So I'm proposing: The Help The Little Blogger Network! - short The HTLB Network (what a fabulous name *cough*)

All you have to do is:
  1. Comment on here and I'll add you to a list (you can even tell me 1-3 keywords, so that people know what they can expect from your blog)
  2. Have a link on your blog to this page, so that people can actually find the other members (maybe even make a little post about this)
  3. Maybe check back once in a while, somone with your new favourite blog might've joined!

You don't have to follow me, do that only if you like what I post, same goes for me - we're all different and not everyone likes the same things and yes we're all special snowflakes. Also I'm on a sugar high which explains a lot.

First we'll conquer the Internet and then the WORLD (or maybe the moon, it seems a lot less work, don't you think?)

Anyways toodaloooo,

P.S. If this every becomes a bit bigger I'll make a new blog for this, where people can join and post and blah blah blah, so that there can actually be a sense of community :3


  1. I'm totally interested in this!

    1. Ooh hello there, sweetie! You're added to the list! could you just give me three key words maybe, so that readers will know what to expect from your blog? <3


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