22 Jun 2014

90's Nostalgia

22 Jun 2014

For me the 90's are a very mysterious time. I was born in them, but I remember next to nothing from them. Nothing special happened. There was no real movement, no real clothing style, no real direction, really. And yet when I think of the 90's, I think of a much simpler time. No smartphones, so you didn't have to be available ALL THE TIME. Not many computers and oh Internet??, so you had more time for other things, like actually reading a book for once. No digital cameras, every shot was important and you would put it into an album and lovingly write something under it and then it would be there for eternity. Everything was much slower and much more important.
 Now I know, I was barely concious in the 90's, I mean I was 6 when they ended, so I might have a completely estranged view, but that's how I feel about it.

But that's just my problem, of not being able to live in the now. I always look back to my parents' time (not my grandparents though, being a jew during the holocaust, no thank you) and wish I could've lived there. Or I look forward to the future and wish I could be born much later, so that I could drive in flying cars and teleport myself to other planets and get myself an alien boyfriend.
But to live in the now is SO important. I look at the photo albums my parents made back then and see the beauty (i mean those pictures and the colouring are just GORGEOUS) and the ease in which they traveled the world, where not everything was connected through the Internet and things were so much more exciting and open and cheap. And I forget that, some weeks ago, when I came home late from a party the street lights were painting beautiful pictures on the sidewalk. And when I was sitting with a friend in the park, all those tourists with their children where everywhere with big, round eyes. And when I was making fresh orange juice on our balcony today and the sun was just setting, the trees were glowing with a golden light.
Those are moments of the NOW. And those moments are just as beautiful as they were back then, maybe even more so, because I can share those moments with you guys and millions of other strangers on the Internet.

Do you have those feelings about the past too? Or what else fills you with nostalgia? I'm really interested :3

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Here are some more pictures I took of my parents' photo albums. I really really enjoy the colouring of those photos and I always try to replicate it via photoshop, but I just never manage to do so (but that's really not the point here, is it, jill?) I find them to be a HUGE inspiration as well. Just look at them!

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