8 Jun 2014

The Quietest Place - The Art Assignment

8 Jun 2014

A couple of months ago my lovely friend Rebekka (Bäx/Becks) helped me with an Art Assignment. It's really something else to have someone else participate in making a video, it suddenly seems more 'real'. Also I get incredibly self-concious filming outside and getting filmed by someone other than my tripod. I guess I'll have to get used to that. :3

The Art Assignment is a youtube channel by the Greens (John & Sarah), where they go and visit different artists across America and those artist give us viewers an art assignment. There are very interesting assignments, but somehow this one stood out for me.

Munich, where I live, is a farely big city (over 1.3 million people I think) and it's really hard to find some calmness within all of it. So to go and purposely look for someplace quiet in such a lively city was a challenge in itself. We ended up in one of the most popular parks (or actually I think the biggest garden in europe) of Munich, the English Garden (Englischer Garten) - In hindsight maybe the church we went into at the start was the quietest place, but at that time it seemed still too loud.

I'd really recommend this assignment to anyone who would love to do a project in the fresh air and who doesn't mind walking a bit. You get to see places in a completely new way and I really felt like a tourist in my own city, which was very nice!

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