4 Jun 2014

Ready For Summer Outfits

4 Jun 2014
It's getting gradually warmer and since I am a person, that doesn't really look forward to summer, I thought I could make myself more excited if I had nice outfits to wear. So here are three outfits I put together today (I'm going to give them pretentious names cause that's what people do, right?)

Little Black Romper

I love this romper, because you can really dress it up or down, whichever way you prefer.

Romper: Forever 21
And honestly all the other things are either thrifted or I bought them such a long time ago, that I can't remember where.

Granny Chique

Some old jeans from your mom that you just cut and an old blouse that you stole from your grandma and you have it.

Animal Farm

Well, this is just lazy outfitting (Is that a word?), Jill! , you say.
That's why I tried to hide it with as much bling as possible!!, I say.

Dress: H&M

And voilĂ , my first fashion post. I really love fashion and even though I'm very broke at the moment I'll try to combine my old things into something somewhat nice!

And here are some questions for you:

Which outfit was your favourite?
Which name was the most pretentious?
What are you looking forward to the most this summer?


  1. 1) Oof they're all so nice I can't pick one! But I do like that second one! :)
    2) pretentious is good!
    3) wearing these outfits, duh

    1. So glad you like them!! And haha you're cute, pretentious is fantastic :3

  2. I love your style! Makes me feel boring! haha

    1. Thank you, dear!! And I bet you'ren ot boring at all :3


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