19 Jun 2014

Why London, Why

19 Jun 2014

Why London, why have you stolen my heart? I mean, it's really not fair. It's like every city since you just doesn't do it for me anymore. No one is as beautiful and as cruel as you. No one has the ability to suck you in, chew you up, and then spit you out at the most random places. No one can tell stories and sing songs the way you do. No one is as classy and as trashy as you. No one.

Oh why must you be so freakin expensive you little annoying fabulous smudge on the map.

Anyway, I haven't been to London in a year, and that's what happens to my brain, here have some pictures everyone:

All of the pictures are mine & there might be more coming.

Questions for you:
Have you been to London? What was your impression of it?
What's your favourite city & why?
Are you currently on a sugar high? yes i am, thank you for asking

Goodbye now, duckies, goodbye!

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  1. I'VE BEEN TO LONDON! I do love it there. And if/when you come again I WILL see you!

    1. (oh i'll definitely come again steph, nothing can stop me!!!! xD) but oh my gosh, just imagine us two in london, that's like my absolute dream now!


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