7 Jun 2014

Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary - Photography Challenge

7 Jun 2014

To look for the exciting things in every day life is one of the main themes I always come back to in art. It makes life more beautiful, you have to look twice to understand it and it makes you look at the world in a different way. So here is one of many challenges to come, that I did and that you can do too, if it sounds interesting to you.

So let's start off by saying I love challenging myself in a creative way. I also love to get inspiration from other people's challenges so I thought I could share mine. If we get far enough and you guys are interested I'll mabye start creating 30 day challenges. :3 Also disclaimer: I am no professional, I love taking pictures and editing them, but I don't guarantee that they are good in any way. I'm just having fun!

The Challenge:
Go around your house and take pictures of things you usually wouldn't look at twice, because you've either grown so used to them being there or they just don't seem interesting enough.
Look at this plate thingie for example:

I walk past it everyday and I don't find it particularly interesting, however taking the picture from above gives it an almost graphic look.

Or this window:

Even though it's about 30° C outside there is mist on it. I also love how there is a change of light and dark 'frames' around it.

You don't have to take pictures of objects, you could also opt for 'moments', such as the late afternoon sun making funny shadows (like the first picture):

Just have a look around the house and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Here are some of the other pictures I've taken, I took about 40 but those are the best ones in my opinion :3

If you decide to do this challenge, then I would love it if you would link me to your pictures!

Also I've joined Bloglovin', which is a site where you can follow your favourite blogs more easily, so if you want to follow me there just click the button:Follow on Bloglovin

Some questions for you:
Which photo is your favourite?
Are you interested in more challenges (not only photography ones)?
What themes do you like to incorporate into art?

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