14 Jun 2014

The Moon Song & The Creative Thought Process

14 Jun 2014

I recorded the cover i think 1 or 2 months ago and got so many nice responses on tumblr that I just had to make a video for it.

The footage I used was not purposely taken for the video, but I think it fits well. I tried to keep it calm and sort of make a little world outside and inside the 'moon'.

Sometimes I'm really glad I wait so long with a project (like this video for example). I promised to do the video a month ago, but if I had made it back then, it would've looked SO different. I had thought of just taking the footage from a trip I took with my friends and insert it in a 'creative' way, because I didn't really have the inspiration and means to do anything spectacular. So I had about 1 minute of the video edited, but it just seemed so wrong somehow and i dropped it.

I'm not good at writing down my thought process (which made school very hard) but when I have a project in the back of my mind i keep getting back to it. So my next thought was that I had to actually record myself singing and playing guitar to make it a bit more personal and interesting. I wanted to record outside to make it fit into the other footage. That never worked out though, because none of my friends were really up to film me and well, social awkwardness and all that... :3

So I went back to the 'moon' part of the song. I thought i could lie on the floor and make it somehow look like a moon landscape (with blankets and plates and i don't know what). I'll maybe still do it one day, but right now I'm pretty sure it would just look funny and/or dumb.

But I didn't drop the imagery of the moon. I thought it would be interesting, if I could show that I'm (as the lyrics say) 'on the moon' and what better way to minimalize the moon than just make it a white circle. I just wanted to show the serenity and wholeness of it and the space surrounding it - that's at least the feeling I get from the song: Complete safety, life just stops for a moment and beauty is everywhere around you.

So that's my thought process, I thought maybe some people would find it interesting. I'm not just randomly making videos, I'm actually thinking about them - woah!
I'll upload here more often again, I just had a very busy week, but let's hope it'll get better now.

You can download the song for FREE

Some questions for you:
Which songs make you feel completely secure and content?
If you could cover any song, which would it be?
Do you find it easy to explain your thought process to others, or hard like me?

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