20 Jun 2014

Keep Your Watch - A Badly Recorded Game Of Thrones Song By Yours Truly

20 Jun 2014
Why this title is so unnecessarily long we'll never know, but here, have a post about a new song I've written.

So I've been trying to branch out with writing songs a bit - by which I mean not only about doctor who (ugh I know). And psst, it's a secret, but I actually don't only write lame, geeky songs, I actually write about my feelings sometimes, too. Woah. Don't really post those though

So here is a song about my little darling Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, who (like everyone on that show) just needs a hug. I loved the last episode of season 4 by the way, better than the entire season imo.

So one thing we have to imagine in this song are some violins or maybe a cello, that would fit very well. maybe an actual person who can sing
I don't like to explain my lyrics, because the things that I intended them to be, might be interpreted completely differently by someone else, and that's what I love about music (and literature and art and blah blah blah)

I'd really appreciate any feedback!!

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