3 Jun 2014

I Should Work At A Travel Agency (or some pictures of places I've been)

3 Jun 2014
I really love taking pictures, but I find that I'm so much more inspired to take them when I'm on vacation (which makes sense, but it's still sad). So here are some of the ones I've posted on my photography tumblr and/or deviantart (with some explanations because yeah i'm here to bore everyone instead of just doing my portfolio for uni...)

So those two photos are - you guessed it - of the Colosseum in Rome. Last Summer I was in Italy with my family, and though I've been to Italy more than 10 times already I've never been in Rome. AND IT IS GORGEOUS. I honestly loved it so much there and I have lots more pictures of it, I'm just very slow with uploading, but they'll come eventually.

The Colosseum is just breathtakingly beautiful. I was in awe the whole time I was in there. It's like stepping into a completely different time - well a completely different time with screaming tourists and gift shops. It's so weird to imagine how many stories happened there and how many people died.

And now onwards to last Christmas/New Year's, where we went to visit our family in Israel. My parents were both born in Israel so all of my family lives there (there is a small part in London though). I've been to Israel every year at least once since I was born and I love it to bits.

The Negev desert is just one aspect of how beautiful it can be at parts. The stones have such a wide colour spectrum and for somone who grew up in a very green and rainy country it's so exciting to drive through it. That said, Israel is not only desert and even though you can drive from one end to another in about 5 hours (and that is the 'longer' side) you see so many different landscapes and cities. I sound like a travel agency...
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I'm trying to write something everyday, it somehow cleans up some space in my head, which is really nice, so see you tomorrow hopefully <3

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